Registered Polled Hereford Since 1959

Remember the old days when most of us were raised on a small farm? We and each of our neighbors had a few beef cows, hogs, and chickens. We provided our own beef, port, chicken, and eggs, and our family even had a couple of milk cows for fresh milk. We had a big garden which produced all of our vegetables. We purchased our feed from the local feed mill. Our animals were harvested at the local meat locker. We had first-hand knowledge about the food we were eating and about the people involved in the process. This is the natural way food is grown: personally and locally. We raise our cattle the same way.


You will love our beef!  We raise our cattle naturally. We do not use growth hormones. We do not feed antibiotics. The calf you purchase will be raised on grass with his mother from birth in early spring through weaning in the fall. He will then be fed hay and grain on our farm from weaning until early summer when he is harvested. We will see your calf almost every day of his life, and we will guarantee, unconditionally, that he has been healthy from day one.