Registered Polled Hereford Since 1959

Our family has raised registered Polled Hereford cattle for more than 60 years on the same southern Indiana pastures. Our herd consists of 80 mother cows. We have worked to acquire the best genetics, and each cow has a simple job: to raise a good-doing calf each year. We experience many special days raising these cattle: the day each spring the first calf is born; the day each spring the cows and calves are turned out on fresh pastures; the day in May the bulls are turned out with the cow heard; the day in the fall when we wean the calves.

Each calf represents 60 years of our family's work to produce the best beef possible for our customers. Each calf is more than a number. We know his lineage back five to ten generations. He will be raised in a natural, stress-free environment: fresh air, shade trees, clean water, and green pastures. We call our cattle "good doing" because they are naturally healthy.

We are deeply committed to the health benefits of natural meat and to the integrity of the local family farm. We hope that once you try our meat, you will be committed as well.