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Our meat costs less than the grocery store.  We charge $1.05 per pound live weight for a finished animal, and this includes delivering the animal to the locker and delivering the meat to you. Pohlman's Processing charges a $50 harvest fee per animal, plus $.44 per pound dressing weight. The dressed weight is the hanging carcass weight, which is usually about 55% of live weight.

A finished beef will typically weight between 1,000-1,200 pounds at harvest. The rule of thumb is that you will receive approximately 40% of the weight in packaged beef. Accordingly, a whole beef will result in approximately 400-500 pounds of beef. You can decide whether you have freezer space for a whole, half, or quarter. You will have the following cuts of meat:

    T-Bone Steaks - Ribeye Steaks - Sirloin Steaks - Filet Mignon
    Round Steaks - Shoulder Steaks - Chuck Roasts - Ground Beef


    We sell most of our heifers and a few bulls for breeding stock. Most of the calves available for freezer beef are 12 to 14 month old steers. We sell beef by the quarter beef, half beef, or whole beef. You purchase the animal from our farm, and we deliver the animal to the locker. We have been using Pohlman Processing, which is a second-generation, family-owned locker near Farmersburg. Pohlman is one of two federal USDA inspected lockers in the state of Indiana. They have certified scales and a federal inspector in their facility eight hours per day. We will also deliver your beef to any of the other local lockers.

    After we deliver your beef to Pohlman's or the locker of your choice, experienced personnel will contact you to help you determine the cuts of meat you prefer. You will be able to personalize your options by choosing thickness of steaks and roasts and the amount of ground beef you desire. We recommend that you have the processor hang the carcass at least 14 days in its humidity-controlled cooler. This process evaporates some of the moisture from the muscle, creating a richer beef flavor. It also allows the beef's natural enzymes to break down the fibrous tissue, relazing the proteins in the muscle and naturally tenderizing the meat. Beef purchased from a grocery store is not dry aged; it is boxed and ready for shipment to the store within hours of the cattle's arrival at the slaughter plant.